Eight Senses Plus Two: scholarship and poetry in one

  • Camelia Elias



    The Radio Program: "New Names on the Cover" on Radio Romania International is dedicated to Romanian poets and prose writers, both at home and abroad.

    From the interview, on the hermeticism and concreteness of some poems in my collection Eight Senses Plus Two, and on blending scholarship with poetry: ". . . . if we experience a sense of the inevitable, we do so because we have taken the time it takes to interpret rigorously how we experience experience itself - a completely useless activity otherwise, but that's exactly why I like it. The experience of the ineffable, if there is one such, situates itself between the experience of experience and the language we use to mediate between experience and interpretation. So we operate with meta-levels even before we get started or embark on a thinking process. On a general level, I'm interested in formalist approaches to poetry but only insofar as they are linked with what is ‘given' to me. This ‘given' that motivates good writing, in turn, is only as concrete or obscure or the result thereof as we make it ourselves . . . . Scholarship without poetry in it? For God's sake, I'm not interested in dying from boredom."

    On the motivation for the interview: "this collection of prose poems blends absolutely exquisitely high scholarship with high creativity. A wonderful display of wit, sound, and logic." (Eugen Nasta)

    Periode18 nov. 2008




    • TitelEight Senses Plus Two: scholarship and poetry in one
      Mediets navn/udløbRadio Romania International: New Names on the Cover
      PersonerCamelia Elias