El ‘granadazo’ urbano de Mancera // The urban 'grenade' of Mancera



The area known as Nuevo Polanco is an urban chaos of various dimensions. The saturation of roads and the scarcity of mobility options make those who attend the lavish office or residential buildings that have been built there suffer every day, including weekends, the consequences of a plan (do not laugh) with feet earthen.

The case has been studied by students of the Urban Development Master's program of the Iberoamericana. Juan Carlos Finck, Guillermo Ortiz and Rodrigo Ducoing presented a research on New Polanco, whose problematic is more than clear when reading in the report of these students, that from 2010 to 2013 the area doubled its population, going from 36 thousand 726 inhabitants to 72 thousand 179. Projections of that same study suggest that in 2020 the population will be in the order of 350 thousand.

Periode5 nov. 2015