Climate of Indifference



    Scientist Hans Ramløv from Roskilde University writes in Time Magazine that Americans should be proud of their President. For those who doubt that climate change is man-made, look at it this way: global temperatures are increasing, man-made or not; fossil fuels will run out; carbon dioxide is in increasing in the atmosphere; carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It doesn’t matter if global warming is man-made or not. We must aim to change to sustainable energy sources, increase research and development into alternative energy sources and cut down on carbon emissions. We’ll have to do it anyway – fossil fuels are running out. You gain nothing by not doing anything, but gain a lot in innovative industries and jobs by supporting the change to renewable energy. If the U.S. wants to be part of the new world order and not get overrun by those who have changed tack, they should listen to their President.
    Periode12 jan. 2010




    • TitelClimate of Indifference
      PersonerHans Ramløv