World Knowledge Dialogue 2013

  • Spencer Hazel (Deltager)

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangering af en begivenhedDeltagelse i workshop, seminar og kursus


    From the WKD website: "The meeting will gather a panel of scientists, stage professionals, and representatives of the civil society. Their challenge will be to decrypt and discuss the fundamental mechanisms underlying the body language considered in its global context: acoustic, material, linguistic and social. Their goal will be to have a new glance on the comprehension and implications of the body in context of interacting individuals. The moving body is deeply rooted in the communication strategies of living organisms. Carnivorous plants sense the vibrations of a visiting fly, bees indicate the way to food supply by specific dances, predators evaluate the fitness of their preys by their aptitude to escape, future mates undertake nuptial dances, stage actors transmit drama and humor. Bodies may express sadness or joy, domination of surrender, loyalty or deceit. The topic is peculiarly vast and fascinating: it encircles innate behavior, acquired behavior, culture and evolution. Panelists will gather experts in primate ethology, anthropology, sociology, literature, dramaturgy, criminal sciences, information technology, and stage actors. Moreover, following the WKD tradition, the panel will encompass both experts and younger scientists at the graduate student and post-doctoral levels. Goals: -identify and discuss the epistemological differences of various disciplines in the understanding of body communication -identify the shared conceptual requirements in terms of knowledge transmission -identify the expectations of the academic world, the artistic world and the society -identify the required framework (intellectual, institutional, financial) for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary developments on the theme of movement and communication -establish (long)-lasting interdisciplinary groups interested in prolonging the WKD 2013 experience" This trip was made possible through the financial assistance of the World Knowledge Dialogue Foundation
    Periode27 okt. 201330 okt. 2013
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