Workshop on Religious Accommodation

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    Thursday 28 May 12.30 Lunch and registration 1.30 Welcome and Introduction 1.45 Session 1 (Chair: Jonathan Seglow) Cécile Laborde, Equal Liberty and Religious Exemptions Caroline Roberts Le vivre ensemble: What does SAS v France mean for religious accommodation? Russell Sandberg, The Eweida Enigma 3.30 Tea/Coffee 3.45 Session 2 (Chair: Simon Thompson) Peter Jones, Religious exemptions and distributive justice Maria Paola Ferretti, Religion, freedom of conscience and equality. When do they meet and when do they come apart? David Perfect, Legal approaches on religion or belief: indirect discrimination versus a duty of reasonable accommodation Robert Wintemute, Accommodation to avoid indirect discrimination (if no harm to others): The difference between religious clothing or symbols and religious individuals refusing to serve others 5.45 Session 2 ends 7.30 Dinner Friday 29 May 9.0 Session 3 (Chair: Alex Brown) Sune Laegaard, Mosques and freedom of religion Mohammed Aziz religion as identity and religion as belief/practice: the confusion at the heart of religious discrimination legislation Tariq Modood, Should religion be specially accommodated in state-funded schools? 10.45 Tea/Coffee 11.0 Session 4 (Chair: Jonathan Seglow) Jonathan Boyd, Rights and Obligations: A Jewish perspective on issues around religious accommodation Roland Pierik, The diminishing latitude of religiously-based claims to exemptions from childhood vaccination. Andrew Shorten, Accommodating Groups and Exempting Institutions. 12.45 Roundtable on grant application 1.15 Lunch and close
    Periode28 maj 201529 maj 2015
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    • religion
    • religionsfrihed
    • Multikulturalisme