Understanding the European Union in a Globalising World

  • Ian Manners (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


The end of the Cold War initiated an era in which the globalisation of economy and society, the global warming, global terror, and global governance, have become part of the daily language of our lives. In this globalising era the construction of the European Union (EU) has become an increasingly important factor in understanding regional efforts to coordinate differences over economic, social, environmental, and political change. Taken together, regional integration efforts and the globalisation of ways of life have become crucial dynamics in the relationships between the EU and the world.

The brand new book "The European Project: Politics and Law – History and Future" by Rikard Bengtsson, Ian Manners, Hans-Åke Persson, Ola Zetterqvuist and Linda Gröning, published by Liber. In Swedish "Det Europeiska Projektet: politik och juridik – historia och framtid", focusing on the relationship between EU and the world.

Some chapters in the book are written and edited by "Europeanization and Globalization" and therefore this seminar is dedicated to the book. As part of the seminar Professor Ian Manners of Roskilde University will present arguments of the book on Understanding the European Union in a globalising world. In addition to that, leading experts on the European Union in global politics, Professor Ben Rosamond (University of Copenhagen) and Professor Richard Whitman (University of Kent) will discuss and comment on the arguments and the understanding of the European Union in a globalising world.
Periode23 maj 2012
BegivenhedstitelUnderstanding the European Union in a Globalising World
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