Ukendt (Ekstern organisation)

Aktivitet: MedlemsskabMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk


Aims and potential of the network
Currently, scientific knowledge about the institutional dynamics of trust in the governance of children and youth in Europe is rather sporadic and uncoordinated. With a view to remedying this, the network brings together child and youth researchers from different fields and disciplines, principally from Europe but also from other countries. The aims of the network are:
-To advance scientific understanding of the dynamics and impact of trust on children’s lives beyond the basic trust approach, and through this to contribute to new understandings of the mechanisms underlying resource and power distribution, social inclusion and resilience.
-To develop and challenge contemporary scientific understandings of children and young people’s participation and citizenship by combining theories and findings from this field with research on trust.
-To promote collaborative research on children and youth.
The overall aim is to advance scientific understandings of childhood, with a particular focus on children and young people’s agency, specifically with regard to their participation, citizenship, inclusion, resilience and power.

Body type: Internationalt forskningsnetværk

Periode12 apr. 2010 → …
Sted for afholdelseUkendt, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • children
  • youth
  • trust
  • citizenship
  • participation
  • recognition