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NetEduProject is an emerging community of educational leaders committed to transform their own organizations into high performance, inclusive, collaborative and innovative ecosystems to better respond to today’s thrilling challenges. The project is led by PSITIC research group in Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona (Spain), and provides the LIC Analysis tool which is validated, practice based, international, oriented to improvement, easy to manage and free to use. The tool allows leaders to evaluate the health and potential of their School educational community across seven dimensions: collaboration, trust, co-responsibility, transversality, horizontality, participation and innovation, collecting information from teachers, students, families and staff who respond to an online survey. Besides the diagnosis, the tool serves formative functions by showing the strengths, weaknesses and useful, personalized and transformational tips as strategies oriented to improve the leader’s capacities to take advantage of the resources embedded in the ecosystem. Finally, leaders can rate and value the tips, and also share their experience to illustrate their process as change leaders. The NetEduProject integrates the whole community by collecting, updating and sharing all this change experiences, activating a circular process of collective knowledge to inspire change leaders.

NetEduProject enables a circular process that connects science and practice to promote exponential impact. The project brings validated and relevant research to the practical use of leaders from Schools and other educational organizations. For this purpose, the evaluation model is research validated, but at the same time current leaders from different countries have helped to adapt language and processes to maximize the usability of knowledge. At the time that leaders are using and taking advantage of the tool, the platform collects new data that will be used to generate meaningful and updated content to support their change efforts, nurturing a circular process of action-research that provides exponential impact.

NetEduProject is not a simple diagnostic tool but has a clear transformative focus. A smooth, simple and self-guided interaction empowers educational leaders to pilot their learning processes autonomously without the help of external consultants. Also, the personalized tips that leaders receive from the analysis improve their own leadership strategies, facilitating the ecosystem growth and goal achievement. Finally, NetEduProject has a GLOCAL approach where global leaders from around the world use the same evaluation model, but receive tips adapted to their own LOCAL context. This way leaders can take advantage both from a rich global exchange and from an accurate and contextualized orientation.
Periodefeb. 2020
Sted for afholdelseThe Net Edu Project, Spanien