The Concept of Crisis

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crisis is seen as a reaction to serious violations of expectations which leaves people disoriented; insecure about situational norms, and unable to judge who to trust. The crisis reaction is one of three both rational and emotional reactions to breach of trust and violence of normative expectations. The two other options are specific and general distrust. Trust is in this paper linked to norms and values, and from that perspective the solution to a crisis is to rebuild a shared understanding of the norms involved and thought that a renewed trust. Central concepts in the analysis are borrowed from Niklas Luhmann Trust (1968), Alf Ross Directives and Norms (1967), and Arthur G. Neal National Trauma & Collective Memory (1998). The financial sector and the economic crisis in the 2000s are used to exemplify the theories.
Periode16 mar. 2014
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  • Trust
  • Crisis
  • Luhmann
  • Alf Ross
  • Norms