Taos Institute (Ekstern organisation)

Aktivitet: MedlemsskabMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk


Netværk af forskere, konsulenter og diverse praktikere.

The Taos Institute is a community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value. We are a non-profit (501c3) organization committed to exploring, developing and disseminating ideas and practices that promote creative, appreciative and collaborative processes in families, communities and organizations around the world. Social constructionist theory and practice locates the source of meaning, value and action in the relational connection among people. It is through our social and relational processes that we construct the world. We achieve our educational ends through conferences, workshops, publications, a PhD program, certificate programs, distance learning programs, newsletters, and web-based offerings. We work at the interface between the scholarly community and societal practitioners from communities of mental health, social work, counseling, organizational change, education, community building, gerontology, healthcare and more. We develop and explore the ways in which scholarly research can enrich professional practices, and practices can stimulate scholarly inquiry.

Body type: Netværk
Periode1 apr. 2016 → …
Sted for afholdelseThe Taos Institute, USA
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • organisationsudvikling
  • dialogiske processer
  • social innovation
  • narrative metoder