Témoignages du terrain et des chercheurs sahéliens/ Testimonies from the field and Sahelian Researchers

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Several scholars provided examples of the doubts and uncertainties about many aspects of the conflicts are a problem, not only for scholars and media workers, but also for the NGOs and other agencies producing information for decision makers. As an examples, it was underlined how underlined how the intervention of Barkhane and MINUSMA has increasingly lost credibility and legitimacy in a growing part of Nigerian society, both due to collusion with corrupt state administration and due to an increasing anti-Islam discourse that does not appear to readily distinguish between terrorism and Islam. He presented a brief outline of the historical background for the complexities of the conflicts in Niger – and the repercussions of the interventions in Libya and Iraq and unrest in Algeria for the Sahel region. Nothing in the current struggle against terrorism addresses or even admits the fact that the rebellions in the Sahel have historically been nourished by human rights abuses and negligence from the State. See coming website for further information
Periode5 maj 20216 maj 2021
Grad af anerkendelseInternational