Spøgelser og det Spektrale

  • Camelia Elias (Oplægsholder)

    Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


    ABSTRACT: GHOST AFFECTS. Can a ghost think? And if it thinks, can it then be said to be able to experience its 'reality' as this very thought of itself similar to the cartesian dictum: cogito ergo sum. In esoteric and hermetic traditions there seems to be a consensus on the idea that a ghost's spectrality, its knowledge of its existence, as it were, is linked not so much to the immediate notion that the ghost embodies thorough light a dead body, and hence the dead body's memories, but rather that it 'thinks' so, while in reality it does not. This paper looks at some claims proposed by cultural theorist, novelist, and Tarotist Grand Master Rachel Pollack that: “ghosts are not actually remnants/spirits of dead people, they just believe they are” and investigate to what extent the caliber of the soul, as expressed in tarot cards, can be measured against the background of what can be termed Cartesian 'ghosthesis.'
    Periode18 maj 2011
    BegivenhedstitelSpøgelser og det Spektrale
    PlaceringAalborg, DanmarkVis på kort