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    Biography and Life history approach beyond individualism A critical research into adult learning must theorize the learning conditions in a modernized capitalism where individual subjects and their competence have become important policy issues. The biography and life history approaches are part of this orientation. But which are the questions policy makers and researchers try to respond ? Are they the same questions ? Critical research must avoid to ‘individualize the indvidual’, i.e. abstract the individual from his or her life context. This lecture gives an overview of approaches and presents a conception of life history research on the basis of a notion of social experience and ambivalence, which sees the learning of the emerging/visible subject as dynamics of cultural and social meaning making. Referring to a tradition of empirical cultural analysis it outlines a theoretical framework to understand the relation between social practice, language and learning. It is a framework based in psychoanalytical and critical social theory, and suggests that the individual learning biography can best be analyzed as a recording of the individual subject’s participation in language games and social practie in a specific societal situation.
    Periode22 nov. 2010
    BegivenhedstitelUPN Simposio
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