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  • Scheuer, J. D. (Redaktør)
  • Dimitrios Spyrodinidis (Redaktør)
  • Kjell Arne Røvik (Redaktør)

Aktivitet: Redaktionelt arbejde og fagfællebedømmelseRedaktør af uafslutttet antologi/samleværkForskning


Translating Change: From Idea to Practice

In modern organizations innovative ideas are constantly “on the move”. Strategy and leadership ideas move in order to be “implemented”, policy-ideas move in order to realize democratic policy-decisions, ideas about concepts like “LEAN”, “TQM” and “BPR” are introduced to improve organizational processes, knowledge about treathments in healthcare move and are supposed to make doctors change their behaviours just as innovative ideas from universities move out into industry in order to be turned into new forms of products and services. In all these situations abstract ideas are moved and translated in order to achieve certain “wished-for” aims. And in all these situations what happens with the idea is in the hands of the next person translating it who may decide to let the token drop, modify it, betray it, add to it, or appropriate it (Latour 1986). Now; if change ideas in organizations are translated rather than “implemented” a profound understanding of such translation processes are needed. The aim of this book is to sum up and further develop the research done in translation studies of change in organizations and show the implications and application of these findings for managing innovation and change.
Periode12 mar. 20181 feb. 2019
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  • Translation, organizational change, implementation, change management.