Recognition and Care: Theory and Application: PhD mini course

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Recognition and Care: Theory.

Issues of recognition have been widely discussed both in the social sciences and in politics, but mostly as issues of cultural rights. Here other interpretations of recognition are presented by feminist political philosopher Nancy Fraser and moral sociologist Axel Honneth. We will discuss theoretical issues of recognition in relation to care e.g. recognition as a form of citizenship or as a successful identity formation.

REcognition and Care: Application

This session deals with some of the methodological issues involved in the application of theories in general and more specifically in relation to critical/normative theories such as Fraser's to empirical research. Examples are taken from interviews and from political-administrative texts. Contextuality and positionality are key words.

Emneord: Care, Recognition, citizenship, identity

University of Essex, Dept. of Sociology
Periode3 mar. 2008