Reasoning and language processing with Constraint Handling Rules

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PhD course on Reasoning and language processing with Constraint Handling Rules organized by Henning Christiansen, PLIS research group, Roskilde University Constraint Handling Rules, CHR, is a programming language that extends Prolog for declarative specification of constraint solvers. CHR was created in the 1990 and since then, it has gained more and more popularity for a variety application that goes far beyond the original intentions. It is now available as extensions to several different host languages. CHR has proved to be a powerful language for knowledge representation and reasoning, complementing Prolog's backward chaining pattern with forward reasoning. In this course, we give an introduction to CHR and its application with an emphasis on its application for abductive reasoning (e.g., diagnosis) and language processing. While earlier approaches to abductive reasoning have been defined in terms of complicated meta-interpreters, we can show that CHR can be used for the purpose "as is" in a straightforward way. For language analysis, CHR extends Prolog's Definite Clause Grammars with easy-to-use facilities for semantic/pragmatic processing. In fact, CHR plus Prolog turns out to be well suited as a meta-language for implementing new high-level languages for knowledge representation with, for example, flexible search and probabilities. For students with no background in logic programming, the course includes an optional introduction to Prolog, which is sufficient to continue with CHR. We expect also that the course can be useful for students with some familiarity with CHR and who wants a systematic introduction to the language and its applications for knowledge representation. Software: Students should bring their own laptop with SWI Prolog (free) or SICstus Prolog 4 installed; please test your installation in advance, as the course leaves no time to solve technical problems related to this. (If you have no access to a laptop, contact the organizers). Example programs and software systems based on CHR will be made available at Time schedule: November 12, 2010: Part I, Logic programming in Prolog by Henning Christiansen, PLIS research group, CBIT dept., Roskilde University !Please note! Will be held at the IT University in room 2A08 November 24-26, 2010: Part II + III Introduction the CHR, its semantics and applications by Jon Snyers, Dept. Computer Science, K.U.Leuven Abductiive reasoning and language processing with CHR by Henning Christiansen, PLIS research group, CBIT dept., Roskilde University
Periode12 nov. 201026 nov. 2010
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