Queering the Museum

  • Haldrup, M. (Oplægsholder)
  • Denis Maksimov (Oplægsholder)
  • Linh Le (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


Performance and lecture:


The accused is the father of the gods and current leader of political and cultural imaginary, Zeus, whose figure inspires and informs the way we look and reproduce power. The charges against him following the known actions he performed in the mythology and include, according to prosecution:

1. The abduction, rape and life-long imprisonment of Europa.
2. The obliteration and appropriation of the legacy of Gaia/Earth.
3. The murder of Metis, attempted murder of unborn Athena and consequential deprival of the humanity from the woman-leader, Athena.
4. Obstruction of punishment for Hera’s actions against Dionysus.
5. Genocide of Amazons leading to the cancellation of alternative imaginaries.

While his defence is insisting that none of these charges constitute the crime:

1. Europa’s own admission of love and desire of Zeus.
2. Normality of re-appropriation in the process of myth-making and establishing the order in the imaginary.
3. Unity with Metis by her own will and admission and establishment of the relations with Athena as the favourite, fully entrusted with the capacities of the father.
4. Protection of Dionysus from self-harm and minimising his negative impact on stability.
5. Non-intrusion in the business of mortals.

In the end of this trial, after listening to the arguments of both Prosecution and Defence, you will be asked to vote on defining whether the accused should be found guilty in the implied.
Periode15 aug. 2019
BegivenhedstitelCopenhagen Pride Week
PlaceringCopenhagen, DanmarkVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • queering
  • museums
  • heritage
  • citizenship
  • performance