Postcolonising Europe: Between anglophone theory and continental European experience

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The publication of 'A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures - Continental
Europe and Its Empires' (EUP 2008, Columbia UP 2009) marks the first collective attempt
to begin an urgently needed discussion on both the impact of colonialism on ideas of
nation in continental Europe, and the legacy of this history in more contemporary
discussions of national identity, particularly in the wake of mass non-European
immigration. Related to this is also the question of how postcolonial criticism or theory
can be adapted to quite heterogeneous continental European experiences.

Emneord: Postcolonial Europe, colonial and postcolonial history, postcolonial theory
Periode8 okt. 2009
BegivenhedstitelPostcolonising Europe
ArrangørUniversity of Minho
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