Plagiarism in the Internaional University: From Kidnapping and Theft to Translation and Hybridity

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    My current study analyses and discusses the challenges international universities face in understanding and handling plagiarism among international students. It is prompted by anecdotal concerns expressed in the Danish media that the increase in student mobility entails an increase in plagiarism. I propose that we rather than relying on anecdotal evidence and myth-making try to understand the reasons why such assumptions thrive in academia.   
         Through a review of recent literature on the subject, I suggest that the dilemmas international students face when writing in academic English as a foreign language are related to a) their cultural and educational backgrounds, and b) the need to learn and produce outputs in a new language. These suggestions are demonstrated in a case study comparing international students' writing from sources, exemplified in summary writing.   
         With this study it is my hope that teachers working with international students will begin to acknowledge the need for a greater general awareness of the culturally and linguistically hybrid situation the students are put in. We need to accept and understand that writing academic English as a foreign language is a process of transcultural translation where imitation is inherently part of the students' novice learning strategies.

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    Periode7 apr. 2009
    BegivenhedstitelPlagiarism in the Internaional University
    ArrangørCOST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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