Organizational and Economic Consequences of the Music Streaming Economy

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This paper analyzes structural effects of the transition from sale of music in physical and digital form to the access-based business model of music streaming. The paper builds on existing research in cultural industries and ‘the industrial information economy’ (Benkler 2006), and seeks to provide knowledge on the economic consequences for musicians in the new music economy. Central to this topic are new consumption patterns, business models, and principles for royalty payments.
The main research question of the paper is how the transition to a streaming based economy of recorded music affects the business models of the Danish recording industry.
This is analyzed drawing on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods in order to develop knowledge of the changing structural conditions and assess the consequences of these changes for different strata of musicians.
Periode28 sep. 2016
Begivenhedstitel7th Vienna Music Business Research Days
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