On the Implementation of Global Abduction.

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    Global Abduction (GA) is a recently proposed logical formalism for agent oriented programming
    which allows an agent to collect information about the world and update this
    in a nonmonotonic way when changes  in the world are observed.
    A distinct feature of Global Abduction is that in case the agent needs to
    give up one plan, it may start a new one, or continue a suspended plan, while
    its beliefs learned about the world in the failed attempts persist.

    This paper describes an implementation
    of GA in the high-level language of Constraint Handling Rules (CHR).
    It appears to be a first attempt to a full implementation of GA, which also confirms
    CHR as a powerful meta-programming language for advanced reasoning.
    The construction gives rise a discussion of important issues of the semantics and
    pragmatics of Global Abduction, leading to proposals for a specific
    procedural semantics and architecture that seem well suited for
    real-time applications.

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    Periode8 maj 2006
    BegivenhedstitelSeventh Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA-VII),
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