Nudge: a new approach to accident prevention?

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    Build on insights from 40 years behavioural economics and cognitive psychology the nudge approach to behaviour change has recently established itself as an increasingly attractive approach within a series of applied academic disciplines as well as in public and private institutions. Its attractiveness is to be found in its promise of finding inexpensive strategies for effectively influencing people's behaviour in predictable ways without ruling out any previously available courses of actions or making alternatives more costly in terms of time, trouble, social sanctions, and so forth. That is, strategies that shouldn't work according to principles of traditional economics, politics and reason.

    In the context of examples from outside the field of accident prevention this keynote will investigate the promises, parallels and pitfalls of the nudge approach to behaviour change. It will answer the questions of “what is new about the nudge approach”, “Why, and how effective is it?” and “what are the ethical implications”. It will then ask whether this could be a new approach to accident prevention.

    KeyNote at NOFS2013
    Periode27 aug. 2013
    Begivenhedstitel20th Nordic research conference on safety: New Strategies for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion - between structural and individual approaches
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