Nordic Research Network on Trust in and between Organizations (Ekstern organisation)

    Aktivitet: MedlemsskabMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk


    Objectives to be achieved during the operating period of the network
    The proposed network on Nordic trust research will satisfy a need for a Nordic forum in trust research that can focus the
    institutional foundations of trust and the evolution of trust at the organizational level in the Nordic countries. The network should
    provide a strong forum and support structure for PhD students in this area and thereby lead to a stronger institutionalisation of
    this field in the future. The network should examine a process perspective in trust research, emphasising such issues as
    interpersonal trust development between leaders and employees within organizations, institutionalizing and formalizing trust,
    and trust and leadership in a Nordic context. PhD students should be strongly involved in the development of these themes.
    Based on the seminar themes, it will be attempted to publish an anthology. Furthermore, individual members of the network as
    well as individual members in collaboration will aim to publish their work in international journals such as Organization Studies,
    Organization, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Human Relations,
    Service Industries Journal, International Journal of Innovation Management, Research Policy, Scandinavian Journal of
    Management and more.
    The following targets should be achieved:
    1) The network will strengthen Nordic research training and research in trust focusing especially on developing the process
    2) The network will engage PhD students in the development of new themes in trust research by involving them in the
    organization of five research seminars.
    3) The network will bring together three aspects of trust research that are relevant in current research: a) interpersonal trust, b)
    institutionalization and formalization of trust and c) leadership in a relational and contextual perspective, all with a particular
    view to the Nordic foundations of trust.
    4) The network will provide a strong forum for Nordic research training.
    5) The network will generate individual and collaborative publications.
    6) It will develop existing academic contacts and seek develop new international contacts.
    7) It will continuously discuss how the network can be continued after the project period. This should really be a starting point
    for a Nordic network in trust research.

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    Sted for afholdelseNordic Research Network on Trust in and between Organizations