Nordic Network in Political Theory 2015

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    Nordic Network for Political Theory at CABINN Metro, 5-7 November. Thursday, 5 November 12.00-13.30: lunch 13.30-14.15: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, ‘Affirmative Action, Historical Injustice, and the Concept of Innocent Beneficiaries’. Discussant: Frej Klem Thomsen. 14.30-15.00: Coffee/tee/cake 15.00-15.45: Søren Flinch Midtgaard, ’A Paternalistic Account of Stakes’. Discussant: Robert Huseby. 15.45-16.30: Jens Damgaard Thaysen, ‘Keeping the Moral Feet on the Political Ground: Legal Moralism and the Justification of Political Legitimacy’. Discussant: Hege Cathrine Finholt 16.30-18.00: keynote by Kimberley Brownlee, ‘A Few Puzzles about Associative Freedom’ 19.00-21.00: dinner Friday, 6 November 5.30-9.00: Breakfast 9.15-10.00: Robert Huseby, Who Should Vote? (co-authored with Kim Angell). Discussant: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. 10.00-10.45: Fredrik D. Hjorthen, ‘Distributing the Burdens of Humanitarian Intervention’. Discussant: Jens Damgaard Thaysen. 10.45-11.15: Coffee/tee/fruit 11.15-12.00: Hege Cathrine Finholt, ‘A Political Role for National Identities?’. Discussant: Sune Lægaard. 12.00 - 13.00: Lunch 13.00 – 13.45: Rasmus Uhrenfeldt, Gustav Østeraa og Jørn Sønderholm, ‘On Debra Satz' Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale’. Discussant: Søren Flinch Midtgaard 13.45-14.30: Sune Lægaard, ‘Contextualism in normative political theory’. Discussant: Markus Furendal 14.30-15.00: Coffee/tee/Cake 15.00-15.45: Frej Klem Thomsen, ‘Mapping the Neuroscience Challenge to Retributivism’. Discussant: Fredrik D. Hjorthen. 16.30-18.00: Keynote by Gustaf Arrhenius, ‘The All Affected Principle and Future Generations’ 19.00 - 21.00: dinner Saturday 7 November 6.00-9.15: Breakfast 9.30 – 10.00: discussion concerning next year’s meeting 10.00-10.45: Andreas Albertsen, ‘Mine to give but not to sell? Complexities and controversies in the organ market’. Discussant: Rasmus Uhrenfeldt, Gustav Østeraa og Jørn Sønderholm. 10.45-11.15: Coffee/tee/fruit 11.15-12.00: Markus Furendal, ’From each according to abilities’ and the duty to contribute. Discussant: Andreas Albertsen. 12.00 - 13.00: lunch and goodbye
    Periode5 nov. 20157 nov. 2015
    PlaceringKøbenhavn, Danmark