Negotiating (In)visibilities (Ekstern organisation)

Aktivitet: MedlemsskabMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk


A Network for Studies on the Seeable and the Hidden of Contemporary Culture

About the network This research network explores questions relating to cultural changes in the visible and the invisible. The network consists of a group of researchers from Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the United States. Its members represent diverse areas of expertise within the fields of architecture, social sciences, arts and cultural studies. The starting point is the following proposition: different tendencies in contemporary culture all point towards an ongoing redefinition of what visibility and invisibility mean today. Examples are the use of glass in contemporary architecture, the pervasiveness of surveillance technologies in our everyday life and exhibitionist art and media culture such as reality-TV and social networking sites. Through a series of network events, a forum will be established for researchers who work on such issues and transformations; hereby creating the framework for an interdisciplinary approach that would not be possible for the individual scholar.
Sted for afholdelseNegotiating (In)visibilities , Danmark