Language ideologies in Danish Higher Education: Exploring Student Perspectives

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    Language ideologies in Danish Higher Education: Exploring student perspectives
    This talk, based on our forthcoming chapter, explores language ideologies in an internationalized university setting, an example of a transient multilingual community (Mortensen 2013). We set out to explore the language ideologies of students, national as well as transnational, at Roskilde University, Denmark, through the optic of their own formulations. The ideologies we uncover concern knowledge of and attitudes to different styles of English used at the university in different settings, and what it means to be a student negotiating this linguistic environment. The chapter draws on sociolinguistic interviews which shed light on the students’ perceptions of the multilingual environment of the university in general, and their attitudes to variation in the use of English in particular (“does accent matter at the international university?”). The interview data constitute momentary sedimentations of pervasive ideological currents which have links to language attitudinal dimensions of status and solidarity, but also involve distinctions in terms of competence. The chapter employs recent work on a theory of ‘construct resources’ (Fabricius and Mortensen, fc), which aims to explain central aspects of the relationship between linguistic practice and social meaning.

    Presenting forthcoming work by Janus Mortensen and Anne Fabricius.
    Periode19 jul. 2013
    BegivenhedstitelNitobe Symposium: Languages and Internationalization in Higher Education: Ideologies, Practices, Alternatives
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