K3 seminar series spring 2016

  • Marco Zoppi (Taler)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangering af en begivenhedDeltagelse i workshop, seminar og kursus


Abstract: My research attempts at tracing potential changes occurring in the practices of welfare and in the perceptions of social security among the Somali diaspora in Scandinavia: the matter is of remarkable relevance, considering that the Somalis are oftentimes considered the least "integrated" group in the mentioned area; in addition to that, the study gets possibly more intriguing because the Somali traditional society is definable to a good extent as stateless, while the countries of the so-called Nordic model display conversely a crucial component of ‘statism’ in their social systems, which is said to insure the individual citizen from the cradle to the grave. This research explores thus everyday negotiations of welfare practices among the Somalis in historical perspective, reflecting on the dynamics of interaction realizing between the experiences collected in the past and the realities they have found in the new countries of residence. For this scope, I have pursued a qualitative study based on individual interviews with Somalis living in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The most frequently discussed themes were those of family relations; care, education; security; trust; and relation with state authorities. In the provisional conclusion I argue that while the Somalis are experiencing changes in the way they think and act about welfare, often embracing both systems, categories of the state are still dominating much of the Western understanding of social assistance, consequently marginalizing the study of alternative systems for its provision.
Periode18 maj 2016
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