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The Journal of Praxis in Higher Education is dedicated to praxis in higher education.

JPHE is fully peer-reviewed, applying a double blind review system in order to ensure the integrity of the review process.

A key assumption underpinning the journal is that education is a moral and political activity and that higher education and its practitioners cannot free themselves from moral nor political considerations. However, this assumption comes with several commitments. Rather than standing only from the outside looking in, as in positioning science or research as more valuable or important, this journal calls for the importance of a reflexive inside perspective (cf. Kemmis 2012; Walzer 1987). This implies taking the present structures, conditions, traditions and values – both internal and external – seriously, but also in situ when researching higher education (cf. Bendix Petersen, 2014). The journal is committed to research aimed at the transformation of existing practices and conditions in higher education. In particular, it is promoting research that has a transformative potential including both practical and theoretical dimensions of educational work and higher education research. It is also committed to the idea that through education research, one can seek to both promote justice as well as the capacity of people to express agency, and increase the possibilities provided by society at large to its members (cf. Fraser 2009).

Research concerning praxis in higher education is thus both a theoretical position on a particular practice and itself an active engagement. This journal welcomes contributions that are directly concerned with praxis in higher education or with research that is manifestly relevant to praxis in higher education. This focus includes the following areas, but is not limited to them:

Empirical studies of the consequences of particular pedagogies, policies and developments in higher education;
Purposes and implications of higher education;
Social justice and other ethical considerations associated with higher education, including implications for politics, society, and sustainability;
Praxis and related concepts (e.g., praxis development, theory in praxis, practical wisdom, practical judgement, phronesis);
What constitutes ‘good’ practice and ‘good’ professional practice in further/higher education? (and ‘good’ for whom?);
Comparative studies regarding the enactment, contexts, and/or outcomes of praxis in higher education;
Leading and governance in higher education; standardisation;
Professional learning in higher education;
Studies on changing conditions for practice and praxis in higher education;
Transformative and responsive education;
Research approaches as and for praxis in higher education;
Praxis-oriented higher education pedagogies;
Power and agency in higher education;
Inclusive education and practices in higher education;
Criticality and/or fostering critical thinking in higher education;
Academic identity and living spaces in higher education.
Exploration of key issues and topics from a range of theoretical viewpoints and intellectual and methodological traditions is encouraged.

As a web-only journal committed to the widest possible dissemination of research, JPHE is fully open access and does not demand author fees of any kind. Accepted contributions are published under Creative Commons licencing (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License; please visit the Creative Commons website for complete terms

JPHE is not confined to any particular theoretical stance or any specific methodology. A submitted paper must, however, present novel and interesting research, and do so in a clear, concise, and scholarly manner.
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