International Studies Association conference 2011

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    Sanctuary Movements and Practices: Past and Present Panel Squire, Vicki (Chair) Darling, Jonathan (Discussant) Papers Bagelman: The Point of Sanctuary? Troubling the Origins of Sanctuary Kleinfeld: Selling Sanctuary: Where Advocacy Meets Geography in the Case of the Child as a Zone of Peace Greve: Sanctuaries of the City: Lessons from Tokyo Innes: Sanctuary and Survival: Threats, Frames and Ground Truths in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001-2009 Wiebe: Bodies on Reserve: Harm and Heterotopia in Aamjiwnaang The panel seeks to facilitate multiple readings of sanctuary that cross a variety of different registers, in order to examine everyday practices of sociality and refuge as well as local, national, international or global movements which take the idea of sanctuary as a guiding principle. With this in mind, the panel investigates sanctuary practices and movements genealogically or historically, as well as examining various incarnations of current sanctuary movements and practices. The panel considers how sanctuary is enacted across various contexts and addresses sanctuary movements and practices in terms of their implications for local, national, international and global regimes of migration management and refugee protection. In particular, it considers how sanctuary is interpreted, (re)presented, lived and embodied in terms that challenge asymmetric relations between `providers' and `recipients', and in terms that exceed religious or state institutionalisations of sanctuary. The panel thus fosters critical dialogue regarding sanctuary movements and practices across a variety of disciplines and contexts, in order to address both the concept of sanctuary as well as its politicization in relation to the contemporary politics of migration, refugee resettlement and asylum
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    • Sanctuary Movements and Practices: Past and Present
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