International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences

  • Rasmussen, M. A. (Arrangør)
  • Javier Arnaut (Arrangør)
  • Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen (Arrangør)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangering af en begivenhedOrganisation og deltagelse i konference


Session / panel
Greenland in the new Arctic: Pathways and challenges for inclusive development
Affiliation: University of Greenland / Ilisimatusarfik | Country: Greenland | Organizer(s): Javier L. Arnaut (Ilisimatusarfik); Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen (Ilisimatusarfik); Mette Apollo Rasmussen (Roskilde University)

The term “new Arctic” has been used to describe the region's rapidly changing natural landscape. However, the social, cultural, economic, and political landscape of the arctic has also changed dramatically and Greenland is an illustration of this rapid evolution. The global transformation is challenging existing structures calling for new forms of cooperation across different geographic, political, and organizational contexts. The future of the arctic and Greenland in particular seems uncertain, thus further knowledge is required on how societal issues are about to emerge and, transform and challenge the Arctic as we know it.

The panel aims to bring new interdisciplinary perspectives addressing the changing role of Greenland in the new arctic. The panel emphasizes the importance of addressing Greenland’s challenges from an international and local perspective providing a new dimension of critical analysis related to issues of sustainable development, economic and political autonomy, institutional persistence, structural and organizational change, and local experiences of inclusive and/or exclusive development.

We invite papers in a range of formats, that may address the following questions:

What are the main drivers of political, economic, and social change (and persistence) in Greenland in the new Arctic?
How indigenous people's knowledge and decision-making are part (or not) of the new arctic?
How do changing perspectives in Greenland impact organizational development and practices?
How are sustainable activities emerging as an answer to environmental changes?
Periode15 jun. 202119 jun. 2021
Grad af anerkendelseInternational