How/do fathers care?

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Across Europe there is a growing body of research which documents the ways in which fathers are becoming increasingly involved in childcare and family life. Yet, research on gender, work and care also clearly documents substantial and important differences and inequalities between men and women. Even in the Scandinavian welfare states, where men and women have almost identical rates of labour market participation, women continue to do the majority of caring activities and they spend more time than men on domestic tasks. In Denmark as well as most other European countries, politicians and policy-makers increasingly call upon fathers to engage more in childcare. Yet, when it comes to discussions about how more equal engagement in childcare in families could be achieved, the attention towards gender equality and particular ways of engaging fathers seems paradoxically absent. With this research seminar the Centre for research in Early Childhood Education and Care (CECEC) and The Oxford Network of European Fatherhood Researchers (ONeFAR) invites you to join in discussions about care and fatherhood in European societies under change. We will focus on the UK and on Denmark. Members from the network and researchers from the center will open the debate through short presentations on aspects of care/caring and fatherhood and we invite researchers and professionals from relevant fields to participate. ONeFAR is engaged in studying researching changes and new tendencies in European fatherhood. Through cross-cultural collaboration ONeFAR attempts to bridge the gap between research and politics and between theory and practice, in an effort to provide more nuanced, policy-relevant and everyday understandings of paradoxes such as these. CECEC focuses its’ research on pedagogical practices in nurseries, kindergartens and age-integrated institutions in the 0-6year range. The focal point of the research is on everyday life in child care centres. This knowledge will be used to qualify discussions of modern children's life and pedagogical professionalism in the context of societal changes and trends in political management in the area of early childhood education and care. Opening and Welcome Professor Tina Miller, Oxford Brookes University, UK: Constructing 'Caring': Parenting practices, gender and modern family lives in the UK. Director of Centre for Welfare, Profession and Everyday Life, Associate Professor Steen Baagøe Nielsen: Young men’s ideals of family life Professor Brigids Featherstone, The Open University, UK: Fathering practices: gender, class and ethnicity in child protection services Debate and Discussion.
Periode3 nov. 2015
PlaceringRoskilde, Danmark