”Health promotion in working communities or individualized strategies of how to survive?: studying relations and well-being in Danish psychiatric work-places

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    In psychiatry in Denmark there has been a long tradition of cooperation across professional groups and of interprofessional approaches to work. In the 1970’ies and 80’ies inter-professionality has been developed bottom-up through the efforts to deinstitutionalize the psychiatric system, and to break medical monopolies of knowledge and professionalism. New forms of legitimate professionals and knowledge arose, such as caring-, pedagogical-, ,psychological- , and social knowledge and professionals .
    However interprofessionality and cooperation amongst professionals is under undergoing changes due to both very visible aspects of effectivisation and quality management, but also due to less visible aspects of standardization and changes in knowledge regimes and power. In psychiatry team- cooperation is still an ideal, but the professional relations through which this is to be practiced seem to be stretched and threatened.
    Periode17 jun. 201319 jun. 2013
    BegivenhedstitelScandinavian Conference in Health Promotion
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