Guerilla Science: The need for a new research strategy

Hansen, P. G. (Foredragsholder)

    Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


    How can Guerilla Science help influence people's judgement? How can we close the gap between pro-social intentions and actions? And how can we innovate within research? These questions will be addressed by behavioral scientist Pelle Guldborg Hansen, when he visits the Humanomics Open Research Seminars under the title "Guerilla Science: The need for a new research strategy". The iNudgeyou-project is a research innovation experiment in Guerrilla Research, which works at the intersection of applied behavioural science, public institutions, NGO’s and private stakeholders, with the aim of developing and scientifically validate behaviour change strategies for closing the gap between pro-social intentions and actions. Pelle Guldborg Hansen will through this seminar explain how guerilla science is conducted, and how it can help influence people’s judgment, choice or behavior in a predictable way made possible because of cognitive biases in individual and social decision-making. Pelle Guldborg Hansen (1977) is behavioral scientist, at Roskilde University. He is also the Director of ISSP – The Initiative of Science, Society & Policy at Roskilde University and University of Southern Denmark; a member of the Prevention Council of the Danish Diabetes Assoc; Chairman of the Danish Nudging Network; founder of TEN - The European Nudge Network, and Director of iNudgeYou - an experiment in guerilla research.
    Periode16 apr. 2015
    PlaceringCopenhagen, Danmark