Green Design

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REASSEMBLING THE CITY THREE ECOLOGIES AND URBAN DESIGN According to Thrift and Amin, “cities are maelmstroems of affect” (Thrift and Amin 2004) The city is the place where sign-, event,- monetary, and social production are most intense. What is produced in the city is repeated and reproduced at a minor scale in smaller towns and at the country side. The values of the city thus accumulate and spread like a virus. Thus today where cities worldwide are growing it seems relevant to ask whether the existing urban life and urban culture could be changed for a more sustainable and green society. This paper will argue that city is the place to start if we want to reassemble and change society. Inspired by Felix Guattari's, Three Ecologies, I argue that reassembling the city must take its point of departure in three ecologies.
Periode23 mar. 2015
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