Gorgeous Geography - Mirroring East is East

  • Camelia Elias (Foredragsholder)

    Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag



    Postcolonial and diaspora criticism can be said to be informed by Lacanian theory to the extent that, through its sustained focus on the discursive power of the gaze, it formulates not only a politics of position, but also one of transfiguration.  This paper takes a look at Damien O'Donnell's film East is East and at how the emergence of new desires, social relations and modes of association that a subject in Diaspora devises for himself are mediated by a process of mirroring other marginal subjects, such as homosexuals, children, and women, than by a process of making identifications with and across the indigenous dominant subjects. Particularly the question, "what do you want from me" will constitute the backbone of the argument that the unstable subject, always on the move and in negotiation with other subjects, is only as unstable as the answer to this question is uncertain, or unlegitimized.

    Periode1 jul. 2009
    Begivenhedstitel26th IPSA Conference on Literature and Psychology - Viterbo,  July 1-6, 2009
    ArrangørTuscia University
    PlaceringViterbo, ItalienVis på kort