Fund for Academic Co-operation and Exchange (FACE) between Denmark and the Arab World (Ekstern organisation)

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The FACE-programme is established as a new Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) engagement to support academic cooperation between Denmark and the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Danish institutions that have entered into collaboration with partners from the MENA region can apply for funding of academic partnership projects.

The Grant Committee consists of five members from Danish academic institutions with knowledge of and working relationships with the MENA-region. The five members are appointed in their personal capacity and not as representatives of their institutions. The Grant Committee is responsible for assessing the applications for funding above DKK 50,000 and taking decisions on which projects are to be funded by the FACE-programme. Thus, the Grant Committee shall: ◾Review project applications and take notice of the comments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ◾Decide on which projects to grant support based on the criteria developed for the Fund ◾Monitor the FACE-programme by reviewing of the progress reports elaborated by the Secretariat. Decisions regarding applications below DKK 50.000 are made by the FACE-secretariat with a ‘no objection’ from the Chairman of the Grant Committee.

Body type: The FACE Secretariat is responsible for implementation of the FACE-programme and hence the operation of the Fund. The Secretariat is operated by NIRAS A/S and Copenhagen University in a joint venture.
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Sted for afholdelseFund for Academic Co-operation and Exchange (FACE) between Denmark and the Arab World