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    Sprogvidenskabelige Studier (i samarbejde med Forskerskole Øst)

    The Roskilde University Ph.D. Programme in ‘Linguistic Studies’ is a project of collaboration between five subdepartments of the Department of Language and Culture, these subdepartments being Danish, English, French, German and Cultural Encounters. ‘Linguistic Studies’ covers three main areas: (1) Functional Grammar and Pragmatics, (2) Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language, (3) Cultural Linguistics. ‘Linguistic Studies’ cooperates with the GradEast Ph.D. Programme, in which several universities and research institutions in East Denmark participate. The scholars contributing to ‘Linguistic Studies’ represent two Research Groups at the Department of Language and Culture, Roskilde University: (a) SCALPS [Sociolinguistics, Conversation Analysis, Language Pedagogy and Sociocultural issues], and (b) The Research Group on Functional Grammar and Pragmatics.

    Hjemsted: Institut for Sprog og Kultur, RUC
    Periode13 jan. 2005 → …
    Sted for afholdelseRoskilde Universitet