European Beat Studies Network Conference 2

  • Camelia Elias (Deltager)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangering af en begivenhedDeltagelse i workshop, seminar og kursus


Gary Snyder sees the poet as a shaman. But kind of shaman? Traditionally shamans were divided into two groups, those that practiced healing and those that practiced sorcery. Giving the general assumption that the poet is a magician of sorts, being able to seduce and mesmerize with his words, one could assume that what Snyder means with his shaman is a similar thing. On the other hand, the poet as a healer is very much present in Snyder’s poetry. My paper will look at what kind of classification we might talk about in the kind of Beat poetry that has magic and healing as part of its program.
Periode28 aug. 201330 aug. 2013
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