Elderly care in neo-liberal times - Introducing a new feminist analytic

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Elderly care has traditionally been theorised as an issue of feminist ethics, a care meeting and of two opposing rationalities. In her new book, Professor Dahl argues that we need to rethink this theoretical backpack based upon the changing conditions of care and outlines a new analytic stressing struggles and silencing. Professor Dahl also introduces a new vocabulary to grasp the changing governance and realities of care using new concepts such as assemblage, relatedness and multi-level governance.

Professor Hanne Marlene Dahl's research focuses on care and neo-liberalism from a gender perspective, theories of recognition, and feminist discourse analysis. Professor Dahl has published several articles and books by highly esteemed international publishing houses. Her latest publication is: Struggles in (Elderly) Care – A Feminist View (Palgrave Macmillan).
Periode8 dec. 2017
BegivenhedstitelElderly care in neo-liberal times: Introducing a new feminist analytic
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