Discussing differential treatment

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Discussing differential treatment A symposium on occasion of the publication of the book Diversity in Europe. Dilemmas of differential treatment in theory and practice (Routledge 2010) edited by Gideon Calder and Emanuela Ceva 10 January 2011 University of Pavia, Faculty of Political Science, Aula Grande 9:00 Welcome Fabio Rugge, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Pavia Roberto Schmid, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia Emanuela Ceva, Institute for Advanced Study – University of Pavia Gideon Calder, University of Wales, Newport 9:30 Robert Vischer (University of St. Thomas), Beyond the Individual and State: Will the Relational Dimension of Conscience Find Fertile Ground in Europe? Discussant: Emanuela Ceva (Institute for Advanced Study – University of Pavia) 11 – 11:30 Coffee break 11:30 – 13 Roberta Sala (San Raffaele, Milano), Demands of Conscience Discussant: Federico Zuolo (Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia) 13 – 14:30 Buffet lunch 14:30 – 16:00 Peter Cave (Open University and City University, London), Morality, mini-skirts and the niqab: muddling through Discussant: Sune Lægaard (Roskilde University) 16 – 16:30 Coffee break 16:30 – 18 Andrew Shorten (University of Limerick), Groups, Institutions and the Rule-and-Exemption Approach Discussant: Gideon Calder (University of Wales, Newport)
Periode10 jan. 2011
BegivenhedstitelDiscussing differential treatment
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