DASTS 2011

  • Connie Svabo (Arrangør)

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangering af en begivenhedOrganisation og deltagelse i konference


    Session convenor and chair: Design - Connections and Objections (with Sara Malou Strandvad) The background for the session is an interest in materials, objects, technologies and how these participate in stabilizing - and also destablizing the social. We were inspired by the open invitation of the conference organizers to invent connections, and the connection which we engage with is the connection between design and STS. The questions which we ask are very much informed by science and technology studies. These are questions which circle the question; what does design do? We employ a broad understanding of design, and understanding which relates to technology; artefacts, objects, buildings etc. which are inscribed with specific intentions.But also design as processes; as activitites and practices of work, craftmanship, artistry and production, and in genereal - of use. We ask what design objects, materials and technologies do. How users, professsionals and practices are constituted, stabilized and destabilized by different sorts of material. And reciprocally; how users and professionals constitute design in multiple ways.
    Periode9 jun. 2011
    PlaceringÅrhus, DanmarkVis på kort


    • design science
    • Science, and Technology Studies