Dansk Nudging Netværk (Ekstern organisation)

    Aktivitet: MedlemsskabMedlemskab af styrelse i virksomhed eller organisation


    The ‘Danish Nudging Network’ (DNN) was created in December 2010 and aims to establish a network of researchers, practitioners, stakeholders and policy-makers interested in using and developing, but also cautios about, the use of behavioral theory by public institutions, private organizations and as part of companies’ CSR (corporate social responsibility).

    We strive to generate interest in the Nudge approach in policy making and as part of CSR, but also encourage open debates and reflexion in public and policy spheres about the possible pitfalls and potentials in adopting this approach in the attempt to change behavior. Today the network comprises a long series of researchers, institutions, organizations and companies who have committed to sharing their knowledge, ideas and criticism in this relation. Being a regular member of the network is free and without obligations, but gains you access to the activities, knowledge and ideas, created and circulated in The Danish Nudging Network.

    Body type: Network
    Periode27 jan. 2011 → …
    Sted for afholdelseDansk Nudging Netværk, Danmark
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