Canadian Modern Language Review (Tidsskrift)

  • Petra Daryai-Hansen (Fagfællebedømmer)

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Canadian Modern Language Review

Mission Statement During the more than 60 years of its existence, The Canadian Modern Language Review/La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes has evolved from an Ontario-centered journal containing mainly classroom-based teaching strategies and resources to a Canada-wide, bilingual, refereed scholarly publication of national scope and international repute. The CMLR/RCLV serves members of the teaching profession, administrators and researchers interested in all levels of English and French as second languages and, in addition, those interested in native and other modern, international, or heritage language programs and issues. The goals of CMLR/RCLV include the following: • an emphasis on Canadian programs in Canadian educational environments; • an emphasis on the teaching and learning of French-as-a-second-language; • attention to a balanced treatment of theory, practice and pedagogy, all viewed from a variety of perspectives; • inclusion of content relating to language in minority contexts; • attention to high standards that will ensure the credibility of the CMLR/RCLV as a scholarly journal through the refereeing of submissions for articles by both recognized experts in the subject area of the article and by peers; • regular publication of a substantial number of articles written in English and French. Within each issue, you will find: • Peer-reviewed articles •Insightful book and software reviews • Calendar of Forthcoming Events • Research-based articles on second language pedagogy in "Focus on the Classroom" • Articles are published in both English and French, by authors around the world The Canadian Modern Language Review is funded by the Language Acquisition Development program and the Publications Assistance Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Periode20 aug. 2013
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift