'Brown Bag' meetings for PhDs in 2011

  • Markus Holzweber (Deltager)

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    Organizing and participating in BBM for PhDs:
    February 2011
    Tuesday 8th : Limits to the diffusion of innovation
    Paper by Mc Vaughn and Schiavone (201): Limits to the diffusion of innovation
    Monday 21st : Service oriented architecture - technology model
    Paper by Ordanini and Pasini (2008), European Management Journal: Service co-production and value co-creation: The case for a service-oriented architecture

    March 2011
    Monday 7th : Managing for stakeholders, stakeholder utility functions, and competitive advantage - JEFFREY S. HARRISON, DOUGLAS A. BOSSE, and ROBERT A. PHILLIPS; Robins School of Business, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

    April 2011
    Monday 11th : 'Design thinking – a new mental model of value innovation'
    Friday 29th : 'Mobile word-of-mouth – A grounded theory of mobile viral marketing'

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