Behavioural Architecture for HR Management

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    During the last four decades, experimental behavioural research has uncovered a long list of insights that may be enrolled in the management of human resources.
    Why and when do economic incentives at the workplace backfire? What is the perfect and efficient workday? And what do knowledge-based procedures for turning negative chatter into productive dialogue look like?

    Meeting such challenges requires the substitution of traditional models of human behaviour and decision-making with insights into how human behaviour, experience and decision-making actually work. If you fail to apply, the effect quickly translates into decreased productivity, bad collective decision-making and lack of loyalty amongst employees. This is especially true when it comes to knowledge-based work places.

    The take away is a challenging series of inspirational strategies as to how we can use behavioural insights to improve the ways we plan, structure and execute at the work place.
    Periode10 okt. 2013
    BegivenhedstitelThe Human Resource Summit 2013
    PlaceringBrussels, BelgienVis på kort