Art is about doing it badly in a good manner: - methods and methodological considerations behind the research and development project RegioSKILL

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    The Danish acronym RegioSKILL stands for Regionality, Language, Art, Identity and Life-long Learning. It hints at five points in focus of a research and development project in the field of vocational training in the emerging German-Danish cross-border region Fehmarn Belt: The role of specifically situated intercultural communication, acquisition of neighboring-language and of the production of artefacts for identity-work and vocational learning among apprentices from four different crafts. The artefacts, produced in workshops by minor groups consisting of people from different youth-, workplace-, professional, educational and language-cultures, aim at expressing, symbolically, the becoming of the Fehmarn Belt region. They are/will be exhibited publicly in prominent locations or can be acquired and used as objects of applied art by people in the region, thus enhancing their experience of the ongoing changes aesthetically.
    The paper will concentrate on RegioSKILL’s main methodological challenge:
    Provided, our interpretations of a variety of empirical data based on participant-observation (ethnographic field-work-accounts, interviews, photos, documentary film) of the multiple cultural encounters during the workshops are correct. How can we, from there, proceed towards assertions about the outcome of such encounters for the enhancement of intercultural awareness among those participating in them? Supposedly, this kind of awareness becoming part of the lived every-day-life experience of present and future inhabitants is an important component of the emergence of a potentially transnational and functionally bilingual sociocultural space in the new cross-border region.

    Foredrag sammen med Klaus Schulte.
    Periode13 nov. 2014
    BegivenhedstitelMethodologies within in Field of Cultural Encounters
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    • Cultural encounter
    • Regionality
    • Fehmarnbelt region
    • Apprentices
    • Language
    • Art
    • Culture
    • Vocational Education and Training
    • Identity