An exploratory workshop on Cultural and Linguistic Practices in the International University (as co-presenter): (with Anne Fabricius, Hartmut Haberland, Janus Mortensen)

Preisler, B. (Foredragsholder)

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    Background and purpose : This scientific workshop will demonstrate the CALPIU centre's operationalization and implementation of its multi‐strand research program. The Centre aims to explore aspects of the experience of plurilingual social actors (teaching staff, students, administrators) within a framework of speakers' choices, power relations and hierarchies of influence made visible within the organization itself.

    We aim to establish an empirical corpus of interactions within the international university, using Roskilde University's project‐ based pedagogy within the International Basic Studies programmes at undergraduate level as a case study. Within the multifaceted practice of a university we wish to examine four fields of practice. Each of these represents a type of role relationship: The communicative practice and self‐conception of the university as an "actor" in a multilingual world, Student‐teacher relations, Student‐student relations, and Student‐Administrative staff interaction.We will also discuss the role of our international collaborators, who are supplementing our data with related projects at universities all over the world.

    Rationale : Theoretically and methodologically, we span a range of perspectives from the macro‐analytical and sociolinguistic to the micro‐analytical and interactional. We see practices as "moves" in a cultural, linguistic and political "field" which we see with Bourdieu as a structured space of positions. The university is thus understood as a complex multilingual and multicultural "marketplace" where linguistic choices, language attitudes, language proficiency and pragmatic-intercultural competences are the capital with which power and influence are negotiated in every context. The nature of internationalization potentially touches on the relationship between many cultures and languages within the same educational institution, and we seek to enable and strengthen the possibilities inherent in a policy that sees the practice of linguistic and cultural diversity as a resource in education.

    Results : Before it has even started, the centre has already resulted in works on relevant theory and methodology. In the long term, it is hoped that the Center's work will provide an indispensable foundation for the professionalization of university pedagogy within an international context. The workshop will present results so far within a coherent overview of the research.

    Emneord: internationalization, language, multiculturalism, power, learning
    Periode5 feb. 2010
    BegivenhedstitelProfessionalising multilingualism in higher education
    PlaceringLuxembourg, Luxemborg


    • internationalization, language, multiculturalism, power, learning