American Association of Geographers’ Annual Meeting 2021

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Can Trees Save our Chocolate from Climate Change? Socioeconomic and Sociobiophysical Dimensions of Cocoa-Agroforestry in Ghana

Organizers: Mette Fog Olwig, Roskilde University; Kwadwo Owusu, University of Ghana

Description: Cocoa is one of the most important cash crops in many tropical countries, providing a livelihood to millions of farmers. However, it is threatened by climate change, making the future for cocoa cultivation and thereby chocolate production uncertain. Sensitive to drought and high temperatures, the area under cocoa cultivation is predicted to decrease substantially. This means rising prices for consumers and dire consequences for the farmers.

This paper session is multidisciplinary and will cover biophysical as well as socioeconomic aspects of the impacts of and responses to climate change in the cocoa sector, focusing in particular on agroforestry. Themes covered include pests and diseases, eco-physiological processes, farmers’ perceptions and strategies, costs versus benefits, and the larger context of the cocoa industry.
Periode8 apr. 2021
PlaceringSeattle, USAVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational