Agahi Awards (Ekstern organisation)

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Member of jury. "The AGAHI Awards, Pakistan’s first ever annual series of journalism awards, were inaugurated on March 28th, 2012. Since its inception, the Awards have been the foremost media development initiative in Pakistan, recognizing and appreciating quality work produced by journalist community. The awards have recognized some of the most brilliant and professional journalists in the media industry. The AGAHI Awards winners have gradually progressed in their profession; where some have either reached a decision-making or leadership position in the industry, or have received academic and scholarly excellence for “Shaping the Future of Journalism”. These awards are the most sought after awards for journalism in Pakistan, playing a fundamental role in strengthening quality and excellence in journalism.

Who organizes AGAHI awards?
AGAHI and Mishal Pakistan in collaboration with leading press clubs across the country, local and international development bodies, regulatory authorities and the private sector organize these awards." (
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