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  • Biologi, Bioteknologi Eutrofiering Ferskvandsbiologi Fotoinhibering Fotosyntese Marin Økologi Miljøforskning Plantefysiologi Planters økologi


My present research fields: 

Utilization of algal biomass

The use of algal biomass as feed as well as for biofuels, high value products and waste water treatment.

Seagrass ecology

Effects of eutrophication on seagrass depth limits and occurrence, interactions between seagrass and sediment characteristics, effects of seagrass on nutrient cycling, seagrasses and multiple stressors, effects of anthropogenic contaminants on seagrasses.

Contaminants and plants and algae

Effects of contaminants – especially heavy metals – on photosynthesis, growth and survival in aquatic plants and algae.

Photosynthesis and photoinhibition in an ecological perspective

Carbon uptake and utilization in terrestrial and aquatic plants as well as algae. Light utilization and defense mechanisms against photoinhibition: Carotenoids, xanthophyll-cyclus, enzymatic quenching of free radicals, the physiological role of anthocyanins and other phenols in vegetative plant parts. The effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors, including heavy metals, on photosynthesis and photoinhibition. The relationship between the size, architecture and complexity of photosynthetic organisms and their photosynthetic and growth potential. The depth limits of aquatic plants modelled as a function of light and sediment characteristics.

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